Young Women Entrepreneur From Dehiowita

Women’s are embedded with patience, perseverance, risk-taking attitude, hard work, etc. and these are
the qualities of entrepreneurs.

“So far I have looked at some of the most common ways that create a sense of marketing. is,
however, seems that are rather subtler and deserve a longer look for us. I was facing various struggles in
life and work environment came up with my own solutions to problems and as such, I emerged as
successful women entrepreneur”

“I am waiting to link with unique enterprise development services and improve my business and develop business knowledge”
“I gained technical knowledge in shoe and bag making from training and benefit at the root level by selling
produce to villagers that these shoe making and bag making training helps me gain economic

“I am in the initial stage of my business where lacking a permanent market place to sell end products.
One day I will be economically stable if having a permanent buyer” online marketing will be a kind of service to rural women entrepreneurs other than just
purchasing the product.

Shoes and bags are very common in market places, but a single purchase will
enrich their life.

November 4, 2018 Sheran Perera