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Coconut Shell Earrings Design-7

Product Code : EX-KAL-05-26
LKR 250.00

Coconut Shells-based Products (පොල් කටු පදනම් කරගත් නිෂ්පාදන, தேங்காய் சிரட்டை சார்ந்த உற்பத்திகள் )blend traditional craftsmanship with modern artistry, can be found here.The shell of the coconut is processed through a series of steps by Sri Lankan Coconut shell handicraft manufacturers to produce different handicrafts to be used on several occasions. The new trend is to use eco-friendly jewellery. You p purchase coconut-based earrings which gives nice look.

“Coconut Shell” “100% Eco-friendly” “Earrings” “Non-toxic” “Long-lasting” “Gift Item”

Colour – Natural coconut shell colour with a polished appearance
Colours Available – Depend on the type of polishing and coconut shell used
Sizes Available – Standard Pair of Earring
Materials Used – Entirely of natural coconut shell material
Uses -As jewellery, Earrings

Colors Natural

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