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Brass Canister 3 For Displaying Tea

Product Code : C-MAW-01-3
LKR 1,650.00

This is a great ancient piece for your kitchen, hotels, tea factories and can be used for storage of fancy items and pen, pencils as well. A well-worn container which could do with polishing! Antique appearance adds elegance to your vicinity as well.

Vintage solid brass jar container box with a lid. Outer brass layer covered with very detailed handmade engravings.

E-kade will be home for several kinds of hand made brassware for your special needs.

Height – 3.5 inches without lid height

Diameter – 2.5 inches

Weight – Normally about 100g

Colour – Brassware with the brassy appearance

Colours Available – Natural colours and can be polished to get a brighter appearance

Sizes Available – Standard size

Materials Used – Brass

Uses – As a storage canister especially for tea and can be used for other special storage purposes

Can be used more than 5 years without colour fades


Colors Natural

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