Banana Fiber Bag -Purple Colour

Product Code : EX-KGL-01-5

Dimension : 15 * 7.5 * 11 ( inches )
LKR 1,000.00 LKR 1,100.00

Plastics offer great benefits for so many uses; however, people are becoming increasingly aware of the problem of disposing of plastic bags and packaging.

So let’s move towards an eco-friendly usage. There is no end to the scope of making lovely items, from bags, boxes, pet baskets and domestic containers from eco-friendly banana fibre and banana stem waste.

Floral design can be seen in the bag with purple, green and brown colours.

Pre-order up to 2 weeks to make.

Width – 15 inches

Height – 7.5 inches

Height of handle – 7.5 inches

Base length – 11 inches

Base width – 5.5 inches

Weight – Depend on the banana stripes

Colour – Natural banana fibre colour with purple coloured stripes

Colours Available – Natural colours and colours incorporated to fibre

Sizes Available – Standard size

Materials Used – Banana fibre and stem waste

Uses – As a handbag

Dimensions 15 * 7.5 * 11 ( inches )
Colors Purple

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