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Soorya Wooden Art 18 Sanni Yakku - Mask 7

Product Code : EX-KAL-04-7

Dimension : 3 * 1.5 * 3.5 ( inches )
LKR 700.00

Sanni yakuma or Daha ata sanniya, is a traditional Sinhalese exorcism ritual in Sri Lanka. These wood carvings consist of 18 masked dances, each depicting a particular illness or ailment affecting humans. These 18 dances are the main dances of the Pahatharata, or low country, dancing form, which is one of the three main dancing forms of Sri Lanka. Each wood carving is painted with identical features.

Length – 3.5 inches
Width – 3 inches
Height – 1.5 inches
Colour – Light Orange (Multi-colored)
Colors Available – Different identical multi colors
Sizes Available – Small size
Materials Used – Wood
Uses – As a wall hanging, a supporting hanging ring is attached to the carving


Dimensions 3 * 1.5 * 3.5 ( inches )
Colors Multi Color

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