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Tusker With Sacred Tooth Relict (Oval Base 5)

Product Code : C-GAL-01-23

Dimension : 5 * 0.5 * 11.5 ( centimeters )
LKR 750.00

A wide range of handicraft items made of wood that combine utility and beauty. Adding elegance to your lifestyle from wooden products such as wall hangings made of a polished wooden surface.

Carving is appearing as a separate wooden carving embossed on a polished wooden surface.

This wood carving is a demanding carving with tusker carrying sacred tooth relict.

Length – 11.5 inches

Width -5 inches

Height Thickness-0.5 inches

Weight – Depend on the wood

Colour – Natural wood colour

Colours Available – Depend on the type of wood

Sizes Available – Standard Size

Materials Used – Ebony and Plywood fittings

Uses – As a wall hanging

Dimensions 5 * 0.5 * 11.5 ( centimeters )
Colors Natural

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