Batik Ware

Batik Ladies Top Blouse (Small)

Product Code : C-GAL-02-11

Dimension : 17 * 23 * ( inches )
LKR 1,050.00

Simply Batik is the art of decorating fabric with molten wax and the dipping it in the dye, which does not penetrate the wax and so leaves behind intricate patterns, often in many colours. All these Batik art carry out unique artistic values which are inherited with the techniques available to make Batik. Batik depict cultural heritage that should be preserved.

Width of the neck area – 4.5 inches

Width of the center – 17 inches

Height of the blouse – 23 inches

Size – General shirt size

Colour -Combination of dark blue, black and white

Colours Available – Mixture of colours

Sizes Available – Standard sizes

Materials Used – Fabric material with batik dyes

Uses – A top blouse for ladies


Dimensions 17 * 23 * ( inches )
Colors Black and White

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