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Cane Tray

Product Code : EX- HOR-01-1

Dimension : 11 * 4 * 17 ( inches )
LKR 1,210.00

So skilled are Sri Lanka’s cane craftsmen that they even craft miniature baskets and boxes to be used as day today domestic containers, decorations, types of equipment and other ornaments.

There was a story to tell behind those woven baskets and comfy chairs… it was hard work and years of perfecting skill, turned into a talent handed down from one generation to another.

Width – 11 inches

Height – 4 inches

Length - 17 inches

Colour – Natural cane colour

Colours Available – Depend on the type of cane

Sizes Available – Standard Size

Materials Used – Natural cane

Uses – As a tray or cane decoration

EX- HOR-01-1

Dimensions 11 * 4 * 17 ( inches )
Colors Natural

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