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Athulpatha Large

Product Code : EX- HOR-01-4

Dimension : 14 * * 14 ( inches )
LKR 610.00

Reed (පන්,பான்) stands as an eternal as well as a miraculous treasure to this land. We have Traditional villages that produce ‘Reed’ products as their main livelihood. To reduce the plastic products in your home and use ‘Reed’ products as an alternative to synthetic products. Eco-friendly products made from ‘Reed’ will add value to your home and enrich your healthy life.

“Reed” “Eco-friendly” “basket” “Container” “Long-lasting” “handmade”

Size Available - Width - 14 inches

Length - 14 inches

Colour –Natural Reed Colour

Materials Used – Reed

Uses – Traditional athulpatha is used for various purposes. Traditionally it was used to close curry pots to save them from insects and flies and also to store various fruits and vegetables or as a basket.

EX- HOR-01-4

Dimensions 14 * * 14 ( inches )
Colors Natural

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