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Kithul jaggery Ginger box

Product Code : Ex-COL-05-03
Weight : 200 (grams)
LKR 500.00
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Kithul known as Jaggery palm and fishtail palm in Sri Lanka. Mostly available in the central highland wet zones. Traditionally, many products produced in Kithul by rural producers from the various part of the country. Ginger have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

This Jaggery made out of using both Kithul and Ginger and beneficial to healthy life style and best alternative for sugar.

Kithul and Ginger Jaggery has rich minerals, antioxidants and calcium, salts and fiber. Consistent consumption of kithul Ginger jaggery improves hemoglobin levels and treat anemia.
Magnesium, regulates the nervous system and minerals like selenium and zinc help protect body cells against damages caused by free radicals.

1) Helps to boost the energy
2) Control the blood pressure
3) Helps to gain weight and improves the digestive health.
4) Protect body cells


Weight 200 (grams)
Colors Standard

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