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Tea Set (six tea cups, six tea saucers, and a kettle)

Product Code : EX-GAM-01-41
LKR 6,875.00

Coconut-based products blend traditional craftsmanship with modern artistry, which can be found here. The shell of the coconut is processed through a series of steps by Sri Lankan Coconut shell handicraft manufacturers to produce different handicrafts to be used on several occasions. One Coconut shell tea set includes six tea cups, six tea saucers, and a kettle.

Colour – Natural coconut shell colour with a polished appearance

Colours Available – Depend on the type of polishing and coconut shell used

Sizes Available – Standard Size

Materials Used – Entirely natural coconut shell and coconut wood

Uses – As a Tea cup set to be used in eco restaurants, hotels and for domestic use also


Colors Natural

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