About Us

How ekade.lk supports and promotes Sri Lankan producers?

Ekade.lk solely stands for enriching rural producers of bambooware, batikware, brassware, cane crafts, coconut ware, fancy items, fiber products, handloom, jewelry, paintings and patchworks, Palmyra products, wooden products, other rural products and supporting them to sell their products to global market in a state-of-the-art online platform to global market maintaining the international level quality.


Create an empowered, equitable society where poverty does not exist


www.ekade.lk stands for enriching rural farmers and producers and supporting them to sell their products in a state-of-the-art online platform to expose into e-commerce and catering customers with the best quality rural products of Sri Lanka.

Who are we?

www.ekade.lk is an e-commerce platform of Berendina Micro Investments Company Limited (BMIC) was established to provide online marketing platform to Sri Lankan producers. Berendina has been involved in empowering rural economy through developing micro and small-scale enterprises since 2007.

The vision of BMIC is to create an empowered, equitable society where poverty does not exist. The overall objectives of the organization are to increase the income, profitability and employment opportunities of the low-income segment of the country and uplift their living standards.

To reach the vision and the objectives the increase in performances of businesses run by poor people, increase opportunities for new reasonably profitable and sustainable business opportunities, increase the marketing opportunities, increase employments generated by small businesses, increase legal and environmental compliances by business people, increase business risk mitigating strategies and create an enabling environment for businesses development are required.

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What We Do?

ekade.lk is Sri Lanka's developing e-commerce website that supports and promotes for Sri Lankans producers with quality products and aims to provide world-class service with high quality and unique products at an affordable price to the customers. ekade.lk is connecting the major actors of value chains such as producers, suppliers, processors, market places and delivery channels for rural, traditional, eco, agriculture and industrial produces.

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Why We Do?

Berendina strongly believes in this digital era, Sri Lankan producers hailing from rural and semi urban areas also to be privileged to market their products through online platform apart from traditional marketing channels, thus enabled the establishment of e-commerce platform under its wing.

In this digital era, rural producers also to be privileged to market their products through online platforms apart from the traditional way of selling.

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How We Do?

In order to provide the best service to customers, ekade.lk makes sure that the products displayed through online platforms undergo a series of selection procedures; screening, categorization and quality assurance. ekade.lk is developed a process for bringing farmers, producers, processors, market places (shops) customers to the online platform to sell and buy the products. The any one from the different actors of value chain can use the ekade.lk.

Our Strengths

BMIC started local level market and supply linkage creation services within the operational areas from the inception and district level trade fairs were arranged to support the farmers and producers. Later, BMIC explored the opportunities of modern ecommerce marketing platform in 2018 and established an ecommerce platform to support the local handicraft producers. Now, ekade.lk is emerging as full pledged ecommerce platform integrate agricultural products also in to ekade.lk ecommerce platform.

Many producers in the country who are talented in producing bambooware, batikware, brassware, cane crafts, coconut ware, fancy items, fiber products, handloom, jewellery, paintings and patchworks, palmyrah products, wooden products, other rural products and agricultural products are now strongly collaborated with ekade.lk. ekade.lk provide wide range of products produced in locally by Sri Lankan producers and producers and producers groups from all over the county are engaged with ekade.lk

What can we do for you ?

If you are fond of experiencing the beauty of different products by rural entrepreneurs; ekade.lk platform will provide you the best products for your satisfaction. ekade.lk assures creating more efficient and safer service for your requirement.

Customer, producer, market place can meet their need at any time on any days. Ekade.lk hotline and online service ready to assist you.

Our hotline, WhatsApp, Messenger and email are available to contacts us!

We strongly believe in quality control of our products to guarantee that the product and product fabricating are steady, as well as in accordance with client requirements. ekade.lk ensures providing the best quality unique products to the clients.

We deliver our customers their newly purchased products in a shorter time. Not only our customers will receive their products faster, but they can also be ensured that it will arrive to them safely. We deliver the products to the local and international customers as agreed and use reliable courier and shipping services.

We give most satisfying Customer Service experience for our customers. We consider each inquiry is an opportunity to advocate for customers and provide support via phone, email and chat 24/7.

We are proud to say that ekade.lk has been able to satisfy many local and international customers within a shorter period of time who guarantee continuous future orders. Also, we provide customized