Frequently Asked Questions

Products are displayed in “Product categories” of the Home page and “Product” tab on menu bar.

You can ‘add to wish list‘ and ‘add to cart‘ according to your preference.

You can click on the ‘Product name’ and see product specification.

You can simply purchase by “adding the products to cart”.

You can change the number of products in signs of “+” and “–” cages.

You can follow the same process to order multiple products in your cart.

You can view “My Cart” at any time to check your selection and “Check Out” option is also available. You can use this option to continue shopping. (top right of the page).

You can do the changes by clicking “Cart” as you wish and update cart. If you have any promotional coupon you can add the coupon code and continue shopping. Click “proceed to checkout” to Checkout. You can spontaneously ‘Register’ with your Facebook or Instagram account at the Checkout Page.

Alternatively, at the Checkout page, you can create an account by simply adding a “Username”, “Password” and other information in the required fields by clicking “Register”.

Please make sure to remember your username and password for all your future shopping.. If not, you can be a Guest Customer.

At the end of the Checkout Page; You need to agree to the “Terms & Conditions” and then click “Place Order”.

You can choose options of “Online Payments” (Master or Visa cards), “Cash on Delivery” or “Pay And Collect” at office.

You will receive two email notifications for confirmation of “Order” and “Payment” if you have paid through Credit or Debit cards.

You will receive an email notification for other options.

Once order received to, our customer relationship officer will contact you to the mobile number you have provided.

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