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ekade.lk is Sri Lanka’s emerging e-commerce website powered by Berendina that supports and promotes for Sri Lankans producers and aims to provide world-class service with high quality and unique products at an affordable price to the customers. ekade.lk is connecting the major actors of value chains such as producers, suppliers, processors, market places and delivery channels for rural, traditional, eco, agriculture and industrial produces.

Berendina strongly believes in this digital era, Sri Lankan producers hailing from rural and semi urban areas also to be privileged to market their products through online platform apart from traditional marketing channels, thus enabled the establishment of e-commerce platform under its wing.

In order to provide the best service to customers, ekade.lk makes sure that the products displayed through online platforms undergo a series of selection procedures; screening, categorization and quality assurance. ekade.lk is developed a process for bringing farmers, producers, processors, market places (shops) customers to the online platform to sell and buy the products. The any one from the different actors of value chain can use the ekade.lk.

The Sucess Stories Over the years, eKade.lk has impressed many local and international customers with the quality of our products and services. We’ve managed to build lasting relationships with these customers whose support is invaluable to our success and growth.

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